May 5, 2020

? World Earth Day ?

As an organisation we encourage children to think about what impacts the Earth & how we can help!

Here are a few ideas of how you can make earth day every day:

– Planting, flowers, vegetables, fruit or even trees. This can be done in your own garden, pots or even windowsills. ?

– Go for a walk & talk to your children about the beauty of Earth & what you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste, using all their senses. Looking at the wildlife around you, whether this is birds, minibeasts, or even pets.?

– Create your very own compost bin! Explain to your children about decay & how this can help other things to grow. A great website to help with this is Quiethut  ??

– Talking to you children about how your family can do more to help the Earth, turning off lights or technology to use less electricity, recycling, replacing everyday disposable items with reusable ones, such as cloths instead of wipes. ?

– If you are feeling creative, upcycle! Use those things you thought of throwing away as craft materials for the children, or allow them to be creative & see what they come up with! A website full of great ideas is Happy Hooligans ✂️