March 5, 2020

All the settings have been celebrating today.

At Steeple Bumpstead there has been lots of amazing stories and activities. Using Inspiration from their favourite books – ‘Nibbles Numbers’ was used, children were feeding the monster his favourite numbers.  ’10 little Aliens’ – different aliens were made using playdough. Then some great messy fun in the theme of ‘Green eggs and ham’.


At Play Out Ipswich we had done activities around the children’s favourite stories and characters. We encourage reading books and stories aloud to children as it stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world.

We had a charity ‘Let’s Talk Reading’ come into our setting this morning to read stories to the children, the children loved the stories that they bring along with the props for all the children to join in. Lets Talk Reading enables and offers a number of services to improve literacy in areas of Ipswich, directly and by funding partner organisations, including encouraging parents and early years settings to read with infants, giving away free book-bags to infants and families, and working with adults who struggle to read.
Lots of amazing stories were shared and of course everyone had lots of fun dressing up!