The Play Out Way

At Play Out we have a Quest for Quality

The culture within our childcare settings promotes Play Out’s vision for children to ‘thrive throughout their lives’. We achieve this by:

  • Respecting uniqueness and valuing diversity
  • Nurturing development and learning
  • Value play, particularly outdoors
  • Celebrating achievements
  • Cultivating innovation
  • Empowering all in their own continuous improvement

The overarching aim of Play Out is to secure the best possible quality early years and education provision so that all children attending a Play Out setting, including those at risk, may benefit from a safe and healthy childhood in which they enjoy life and achieve well. We operate with a shared commitment to engage the communities we operate within and foster respectful partnerships with parents and families.

High aspiration is central to Play Out’s quality commitment. We want children to achieve better than the minimum expectations, promoting achievement and a love of lifelong learning. Play Out is committed to strengthen reflection, self-evaluation and continuous quality improvement through a collaborative approach to quality improvement.

Our childcare settings strive to ensure:

  • All children have the opportunity to achieve the best possible progress and development, taking into account their own unique characteristics, abilities, interests and learning needs.
  • All children enjoy a full and active life which helps them to engage in and enrich the wider community, irrespective of individual needs and backgrounds.
  • Play is a vital component of a child’s life; an essential activity through which children and young people come to understand themselves and the world around them and the circumstances where they can take acceptable risks.
  • Children and their family’s experiences, ideas and opinions are engaged with, listened to and acted upon.
  • Relationships with families and other stakeholders are based on mutual trust, empathy and openness
  • Value diversity and promote community cohesion
  • Embrace creativity and innovation

The fundamental premise of Play Out is that children matter. Although this may be a simplistic thought, it is at the heart of what we believe is important in providing high quality care and education to children. It is the driving force behind best practices for children and integrating learning into ongoing development.