Sensory Play at Play Out Ipswich

Play Out Ipswich have had a very special delivery of some ‘Happy feet’ play mats.

January 27, 2022

Sensory Play
Happy Feet play mats allow the children to explore different textures whilst looking at a variety of colours. These are a great way to start early communication and build on the children’s language.
We have extended the sensory play by allowing the children to explore other sensory activities, a favourite being gloop.
Charlotte was letting the gloop drop from her fingers from a height and the children were amazed at watching it drip back onto the tray. One child then copied Charlotte’s actions.
17th May 2022

Number Recognition

This week at Play Out Hadleigh the children have been learning all about numbers..

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Play Out Framingham
11th May 2022

Muddy Puddles!

At Play Out Framingham we believe that outdoor learning should never stop, no matter what the weather!

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Play Out Ipswich
9th May 2022

Fire Safety

The Pre-School children at Play Out Ipswich have been learning about Fire Safety.

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