Self Portraits

The children at Play Out Framingham have been busy making their own self portraits.

October 14, 2021

The intention of this activity was for the children to be able to use their language skills to identify their facial features, for exmaple, two eyes, hair colour. This was implemented by a teacher sitting with the children and offering them a mirror to identify their facial features when asked e.g. where are your eyes? The children would then use different coloured paints to paint a picture of their face. This has impacted the children’s development by allowing them to use their speech to talk about themselves and what makes them unique. Some children needed support to identify where their features where and to use singular words. However, some children extended the activity by talking about their features and the similarities and differences they have between their friends and their family.


Play Out Ipswich
29th January 2022

Sensory Play at Play Out Ipswich

Play Out Ipswich have had a very special delivery of some ‘Happy feet’ play mats.

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Play Out Steeple Bumpstead
24th January 2022

Big Garden Birdwatch

This week Play Out Steeple Bumpstead are taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch (28th-30th Jan 2022)

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Play Out Ipswich
14th December 2021

Play Out Ipswich Baby Christmas Party 2021

This morning we went Pipers Vale Gymnastics Centre for our babies Christmas trip.

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