Play Out Ipswich Activities

Here are some of the activities we have been up to and some you can possibly try out at home.

June 12, 2020
  • Fairy Wings ?‍♀️ The children went on a flower hunt around the nursery grounds and found lots of lovely coloured flowers and leaves. They then used the laminator to put all the flowers together and made their our own fairy wings using the scissors and tape.
  • Tree painting ?? Lots of fun was had painting a big tree in the garden, choosing to use lots of bright colours. The children started to climb the tree to try and reach the very top and used their gross motor skills to stretch and reach up high whilst painting.
  • ??Crayon Art ??. The pre-school started with sorting the crayons into the same colours and stuck them onto a board. Then using a hairdryer watched as the heat melted the crayons. They loved watching all the different colours mix together and got very excited when they could see that the crayons were able to melt so quickly.
  • Bonfire ?? We toasted some marshmellows and also spoke about fire safety and the need to be careful around fires and BBQ’s. We spoke about how we started the fire, what we used and what can cause a fire too.
  • Dream Catchers ?The preschool children made some dream catchers for them to take home and hang in their bedrooms. They enjoyed colour matching the different feathers, and under the supervision of Nic, carefully glued the chosen feathers onto the string.
  • Sid the Snake ?? The snake started on the 20th May outside the Nursery gate. All are welcome to decorate a stone and add it to the snake to see how long it will get. Children not using the setting at the moment have got involved, also the baby and toddler room have enjoyed painting and adding to the snake. Lets see how long it will grow!



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